• Our experienced lifting inspectors have worked in various Marine, Offshore / onshore and      other Industrial lifting equipment Periodic Inspections of Lifting Equipment and Lifting           Accessories.
• ESI have all equipments and tools which needed to lifting tests (concrete cubes loads ,       water bag , load cell, lifting accessories , … atc ).

We provide cost effective and timely services on the following Activities:

– Inspection for all cranes according to British standard BS 7121.
– Electric overhead travelling crane according to British standard BS 7121.
– Powered hoist (electric) according to BS EN 14492.
– Inspection for manual hoists (chain blocks), lever hoists, and wire rope hoists (tirfors),       Beam trolleys, beam clamps & crane hooks according to BS 13157 .
– Wire ropes for manual hoists , lever hoists & wire rope hoists according to BS EN 12385.
– Manual jacks according to BS EN 1484 .
– Offshore containers according to BS EN 1494 .
– Load indicators such as load cell, crane weights according to BS ISO 7500 .
– Wire rope slings (and multi – leg) according to BS EN 13414 .
– Rigging screws according to BS 4429.

• Inspection for chain slings according to BSEN818-1.
• Inspection for shackles according to iso 2415.
• Inspection for ever hoists according to BSEN 13157.
• Inspection for chain blocks according to BS EN 13457.
• Inspection for sheave blocks according to BS EN 13157.
• Inspection for hydraulic rams & jacks according to BS EN 1494.
• Inspection for eyebolts according to BS EN ISO 3266.
• Inspection to open wedge sockets according to BS EN 13411-6.
• Crane Inspection, Commissioning and Certification.
• Critical Lift planning and supervision.